The History of Deterrent

Deterrent Technologies was founded in 1982; we are one of the first providers of integrated electronic security systems. Deterrent's goal is always to provide industry-leading design, installation, and service. We offer services to a vast variety of corporations including pharmaceutical, financial, telecommunications, manufacturing, and real estate sectors. At the core of Deterrent's business is integrity which became a driving force behind the continued success and growth of our company.

Why Choose Us?

We know you have a lot of choices that's why, at Deterrent, we aim to provide the best customer experience possible. We offer risk based solutions to all security needs and are performance and reliability driven in all we do. We offer creative and innovative system design and a management team that has a combined experience of over 250 years.

Our philosophy is simple, choose the best products, made by the best companies and get it all at the best possible price. Deterrent Technologies Inc. has done just that. We have selected the best products and the best manufacturers and developed long standing relationships and a team approach to solving the security problems of our customers.